2018 - 2019 Altrusa Richardson Board of Directors

"Leading to a Better Community"

Standing left to right: President-Elect – Bobbi Klein, Vice President – Toni Garrett,  Recording Secretary – Rosemary Gouger, President – Sarah Nesbit, Directors – Laura Trainor-Collins and Nancy Crowe, Immediate Past President - Sue McElveen. Not pictured: Samanthia Slaight – Corresponding Secretary

2017 - 2018 Altrusa Richardson Board of Directors

Standing Left to Right:
Jean Stuart - Treasurer, Sarah Nesbit - President Elect, Laura Trainor-Collins - Correspondence Secretary, Ginger Tonne - Director, Brenda Boston - Director, Nancy Crowe - Director, Sandy Martin - Director, Gayle Ingle - Vice President, 
Toni Garrett - Recording Secretary. 
Seated Left to Right:
Nancy Rohm - Past President, Sue McElveen - President.

2016-2017 Altrusa Richardson Board of Directors

"Everyday is a Celebration:  Service, Leadership, Friendship"

Jane Merz (Director), Cindy McIntyre (Past President), Ginger Tonne (Director), Christine Hart (Corresponding Secretary), Nancy Rohm (President), Sue McElveen (President Elect), Brenda Boston (Director), Jean Stuart (Treasurer), Gerry Carron (Vice President), Donne Buhr (Director)


2015-2016 Altrusa Richardson Board of Directors

"Altrusa Reigns; Community Gains"


Front (l-r)
Dena Davis (Vice President), Cindy McIntyre (President), Sue McElveen (President Elect)

Back (l-r)
Rose Daughety (Director), Donna Buhr (Director), Bonnie Perry (Treasurer), Nancy Crowe (Recording Secretary), Barbara Cornelius (Director) and Cindy Murray (Director)

Not Shown:
Courtenay Tanner (Corresponding Secretary) and Gloria Sandoval (Immediate Past President)


2014-2015 Altrusa Richardson Board of Directors

"Dancing to the Altrusa Rhythm - Let's Get Moving!"


2013-2014 Altrusa Richardson Board of Directors

"Leading Loudly, Serving Proudly"

Front, L-R:
Marsha Peters, Recording Secretary; Kimberly Kierce, Immediate Past President; Pam Kovacs, President; Gloria Sandoval, President-Elect; Sue McElveen, Vice-President.
Jo Leeper, Kay George, Cindy McIntyre, Linda Korn, Directors; Courtenay Tanner, Foundation Treasurer; and Jenn Rohm, Administrative Treasurer.

2012-2013 Altrusa Richardson Board of Directors

"Discover Altrusa - Your Passport to Adventure"

(Back row, L-R)
Toni Garrett - Corresponding Secretary, Genevieve Hamulak - Director, 
Carolyn Swanson - Administrative Treasurer, Linda Korn - Director,
Janet Vance - Recording Secretary, 
Courtenay Tanner - Director,
Janice Swallow - Foundation Treasurer
(Front row, L-R)
Gloria Sandoval - Director, Pam Kovacs - President-Elect, Kimberly Kierce - President, 
Bonnie Perry - Immediate Past President, Cindy McIntyre - Vice President



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