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Altrusa International, Inc.


Altrusa Motto

Patriotism, Efficiency, Service


Altrusa Colors

Blue and White


Altrusa Collect

Our Heavenly Father,

Surrounded by blessings,

May we learn to bless;

Reaping the fruits of patriotism,

May we love our country more;

Members of a worldwide community

May we cherish our neighbors everywhere;

Grateful to Thee,

May we show our gratitude

By efficiency and service.


Altrusa Grace

For this food before us spread,

For our steps in safety led,

For Thy favor on our way,

Lord, accept our thanks today.



May we go forth with high ideals

To greet our fellow man,

Be true to all Altrusa aims

Until we meet again.


What is Altrusa?

“Altrusa is a wonderful group of women, united by the desire to serve the community with love and compassion.   In the process, great friendships are formed, leadership skills are increased and a considerable amount of fun is to be had!”

Elevator speech by Mimi Tanner (2007)

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