Overview of Service Projects

Altrusa International of Richardson divides service projects into several committee areas: Ability House, Community Outreach, Education, International Relations, Seniors, and Scholarships. Under each committee, there are numerous smaller projects, which vary from year to year. Whenever service requests are received, we try to provide volunteers  to serve the needs of the community.

Ability House

Community Outreach

Elementary Education

International Relations



Altrusa Richardson Service Projects 2018-2019

Ability House Chair(s): Rosemary Gouger / Helen Bates

Ability House is a home for six adults with Cerebral Palsy, supported by Ability Connection Texas. Altrusa Richardson adopted Ability House in 1995. At least once each month, Altrusans visit the residents of Ability House to celebrate birthdays and/or holidays. We also plan outings that the residents may enjoy: Richardson Community Band Concerts, Christmas Parade, a holiday theater production or a movie.

Choose Kind Libraries Chair(s): Bobbi Klein

Choose Kind Libraries is an ongoing project in partnership with RISD, HELPS International, TeacHaiti, and Think Kindness, which promotes values of inclusion, kindness, acceptance, anti-bullying, citizenship and respect for cultural, racial, physical and developmental diversity through literacy.

Community Outreach Chair(s): Linda Griffith / Susan Long

The Community Outreach Committee provides a variety of on-going service projects that benefit the Richardson community as a whole: collections of food, toys, toiletries, clothing, and books - just to name a few.

International Relations/ KAN Chair(s): Robbin Murley / Cindy McIntyre

Because Altrusa is an international organization, we perform projects that promote international relations and several United Nations Days are recognized throughout the year as well. Members on this committee help find ways to encourage and stimulate international relations, to create an awareness of other cultures and people of the world, bring in speakers, and support international projects, etc. Inspired by Brian Williams’ Think Kindness Foundation, KAN Projects spread kindness through the community by focusing annually on a variety of “kindness projects” during a full weekend in April.

Scholarships Chair(s): Jane Merz / Mimi Tanner

This Committee evaluates scholarship applications received from graduating high school seniors and awards scholarships in the Spring. The April program/dinner meeting is designated to recognize the scholarship recipients.

Seniors Chair(s): Robin Smith / Jan Flesch

The Seniors Committee provides many diverse services to seniors citizens in the Richardson area. These projects include: Appletree Court Auction, Atria Bingo, Mother’s Day Tea, Tie One on For Father’s Day, Bookmovers, and Alzheimer’s Walk.

Grants: Co-Chair(s): Mary Osentowski / Sylvia McCloskey

The Grants Committee is responsible for reviewing all grants requests and submitting recommendations to the Foundation Board. Grant Committee will maintain communication with all grant recipients throughout the club year.

Fundraiser Chair(s): Mary Osentowski / Sylvia McCloskey

Altrusa International of Richardson Foundation honors women each year with a reception and luncheon. Outstanding Women of Today…Builders of Tomorrow is a distinguished honor for women in leadership in an organization who exemplify determination and innovation and have made an outstanding contribution in their chosen fields. All funds raised at the “OWT” Luncheon benefit the service projects and scholarships the following club year.

Altrusa Richardson Administration 2018-2019

Communications (Kimberly Kierce) is responsible for keeping the membership informed about all club activities through the newsletter, website, and emails. This Committee also includes coordination of a variety of tasks: Website, Social Media, Attendance, Accent/Invocation, Greeters, Dinner Reservations, Volunteer Hours, HASR / Chamber of Commerce reps, Club 21, Scrapbook, Table Display, and Yearbook.

Finance (Janie Jaquier and Kathryn Yates) is responsible for gathering and reviewing committee financial requests and preparing a sample budget for review/approval by the Club Board and Foundation Board.

Leadership Development: (Laura Trainor-Collins / Samanthia Slaight) is responsible for educating members and developing personal and professional skills through workshops that provide an opportunity to grow within Altrusa leadership.

Membership Recruitment: (Carol Ruszkowski / Kimberly Kierce) is responsible for seeking new Altrusa members and reaching out to potential members through personal contact and membership events. This Committee will secure membership applications, submit committee approved applications to the Club Board for approval, coordinate and conduct initiation ceremonies throughout the year, and supply new members with all required Altrusa related material.

Membership Retention: (Mouna Rouani) is responsible for keeping members connected in fun and meaningful ways by coordinating a variety of activities: Dinners, Lunches, Book Clubs, Art/Cultural Events, Birthday recognitions, and TLC, etc.

Programs: (Genevieve Hamulak / Jane Merz / Gayle Ingle) is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing the monthly presentation during the dinner meeting on the 3rd Thursday of each month. This Committee will secure speakers and secure all needs for each presentation.

Strategic Planning: (Sylvia McCloskey) is responsible for developing, updating and maintaining the Club's Strategic Plan, keeping it relevant and timely to the needs of the club, the membership, and the community.

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